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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. How to Track a Lost Phone? Someone is spying on my phone with out my permission. They are also recording me threw Audio and in my personal room? Please get back to me! What criminal laws are they breaking? Check your state laws and get help through a victims organization.

The best I can offer is change or update your firmware. Get an app that has white noise or a KHz and turn it on no lower than Khz but turn up as loud as it can go this will help. So they have to tell you they are monitoring your phone at work?


Can they legally put a spy app on your personal cellphone and stalk you in and outside of work without your consent? Hi Kara, Laws differ from state to state but in general, yes, you are supposed to be informed that your phone is monitored at work.


If you own your personal phone then no they can legally monitor your personal phone without your consent. Someone has been spying on me. I know who it is its been happening a long time now. Can u help!!! I forgot my laptop at my boyfriend house he had it 24 hours it worked ok right after. Then within two days I had plugged my phone into computer to charge over night.

Next morning my phone was locked said I needed a Sim puk number. Took me all day with phone company. They had all my email accounts and passwords.

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Posted all kinds of things on Google just nasty bad things. They could watch me through camera and listen to me. They downloaded all kinds of apps. Had phone reset but they are back took me 4 hours to get into my phone today. What can I do?

Is it illegal to install phone spy software on someone's cell phone?

This goes out to everyone that is having issues with these spyware apps. One do a factory reset of the phone that will clear the program out. This is a good way to look through your device without them in it also.

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Use a white noise machine this blocks them from yearning in on you. Also if you really want to get their attention get an noise app one that has KHz on it and turn it up full but no lower than Khz.

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